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Is YouTube suitable for my business?


From business angle, nobody can deny the effectiveness of video marketing. Visual content is now more effective & also popular than text content. Any size of business can utilize YouTube to promote their business. Now I will discuss why it is so effective?

Some Satistics shows, why it is so popular among people:

* 2 billion monthly active users in YouTube & 90% digital consumers use YouTube platform
* "YouTube" is the second ranked popular platform to post videos
* 71% of B2B marketers use "YouTube" for marketing their products & services
* 70% "YouTube" viewers come from mobile devices
* "T-Series" is the most subscribed channel on "YouTube" with 169 million subscribers
* Most Effective Ad format on "YouTube" is "Pre-Rolled Skippable Video Ad"

So it is clear that "YouTube" is the only platform for increasing Brand Awareness, Reach, Engagement & Customers
for your business at low advertisement cost.

  • Create Attention for business:

    YouTube is the 2nd most visited site now-a-day, so there is a chance of huge exposure. You have to capture attention by creating quality videos in respect of content & quality, which will stand out of your competitors. It is the best way to promote your Brand & to create attention for your business.

    Videos Create High Traffic:

    Every businessman prays for a good traffic for their business, but cannot find the proper way to achieve that. According to research, it is found that YouTube has more than billon viewers & watching billon hours per day. Video is a part of advance marketing strategy now a day. As per video marketing survey more than 80 % businessmen use & believe in video marketing. If you can create a best quality video then it can be viral at any time. You will be flooded with clients/customers over night.
  • YouTube ROI (Return on Investment):

    Whenever we plan to promote our business, first question comes in our mind that if I invest can I get some return? We get feared after that.
    According to survey, it is seen that more than 75% viewers are likely to buy products or services after watching a video. As per results, more than 50% businesses like to market them with YouTube due to good ROI. YouTube provides huge categories of videos as per your requirement so presently it has a terrific demand in online marketing. YouTube marketing cost is very reasonable to bear or for business investment. It is comparatively cheaper than traditional marketing. YouTube delivers more ROI than TV Ads.
  • Open A New YouTube channel:

    It is very easy to open a new YouTube Channel for our business. Here you can easily showcase our products or services to viewers all over the world or any area as per your wish. For opening a new channel & uploading videos, you can click “Cards” or “End Screen” on this video. This will also help viewers to get chances more views of related videos. Videos should be of good quality content which will be helpful for viewers & they can trust your channel to get useful contents. It is totally free to create a New YouTube Channel but benefits are unlimited for your business promotion.

......Promotional Scope:

If you create a good quality video in your niche, then you can promote that video very professionally with the help of Google Ads. We have been providing this YouTube Marketing service for more than 7 years in India & worldwide. Google Ads helps to promote your videos as per your budget & your target areas, demography, time of showing Ads etc. Mainly Google Ads are for specific who really searching a products or any services. When anybody searching a specific thing YouTube will show that specific type videos to that person.

High Lights of YouTube Marketing:


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