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SEO Services in India

Full form of SEO is Search Engine Optimization. It is a strong wing of Digital Marketing Services. It is a process by which we can create a search engine friendly version of websites sothat they appear nicely on Google Search Results. When a website ranks in Google with this service, then it is called Google seo services. When web site seo is done properly, then we will get increased traffic & also sales due to high ranking in SERP with the help of website seo services.

There are different types of this process,

Organic SEO

It is a process of natural placement or ranking on search engine result pages (SERP).  It is achieved by algorithm driven results. It is a kind of unpaid service by which we can achieve top ranking naturally. As a provider of organic seo services in Kolkata, India, we provide seo for small business & all kind of business profile.

Local SEO

This is another type of promotional work. In this way we can present any product or services in front of online customers, who are in search of these specifically. It is also called local search marketing, is a perfect way of marketing your business locally online. As it is local, so client/customer gives enough importance & keep trust on them. Google My Business is very effective for this purpose. Our professional seo experts create this Google My Business profile professionally sothat our clients get max. result out of it. We as a provider of local seo services in kolkata, prefers to go for this process perfectly.

White Hat SEO

This process follows all terms and conditions of major search engines ethically. As a provider of a professional seo services in kolkata, we maintain some important points like,

  • Offers good quality contents & services
  • Easy navigation of website
  • First web pages downloading
  • Mobile friendly pages
  • SEO Services pricing

Black Hat SEO

It is a technique to use top ranking using unethical processes which breaks all search engine guide lines. Using this process we can achieve top ranks quickly but that website may be blocked by Google at any time.

Video SEO

We know that visual contents are more popular to our clients/customers so now-a-days, it is very important to achieve top ranks of Videos in search engines. We have strong seo working experience more than 8 years that is why we do this activity very professionally to rank it perfectly with keywords.

Difference between Search Engine Optimization & Paid AD Services

Search Engine Optimisation Services:

It is a organic process & low cost involvement. It takes a few months to rank keywords but after that ranking stays for a long time.

Paid Ad.Services:

It is not a organic process & also a expensive process. Rank goses off immediately after Advertisement period is over.
Google AdWords gives instant results after ads. investment.

As a best seo services provider in Kolkata, India we provide professional seo solutions like,

  • on page seo optimization with proper seo keyword search for site optimization
  • offpage optimization with popular social platforms
  • Provides seo service online in India & Worldwide
  • Full web site seo is provided for 8+ years
  • We provide affordable seo services for small business.

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