SEO India: Different Type of Appropriate Redirects they use


SEO India: Different Type of Appropriate Redirects they use

As a site owner, experts of SEO India or you might have used redirects in your web page at least once till date. If you delete a page from your site, it is important to change the structure of your URL or get a new domain. It is equally important that you let search engine robots know about the current status of the deleted page and give them the URL they need to follow temporarily or permanently. However, there are consequences to choosing a redirect as it might impact your SEO, thus make sure you choose carefully.

A reputed SEO Company in India is explaining the impact of redirection and which type will be beneficial for your site.

Reasons for using redirects

Redirection of URLs is not a new concept if you maintain a web page on a regular basis. Various reasons why you need to use a redirect are:

  • Delete a post or page
  • Transfer your website to a new domain
  • Change the structure of your URL
  • Omit www in your domain
  • Implement permalinks feature in WordPress
  • Bring some variation in your CMS

HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) status codes

You need to know what a server returns to a browser to understand and manipulate the working of redirects. This can be known with the help of HTTP status code. It is a set of numbers sent by the services to a browser after getting a request for any page. Some of the codes used during this procedure are 200, 301, 404 and 503. Each code holds different meaning and indicates the reason why the page is not available or found. These are also used for bestseo services to rectify website errors etc.

Types of redirects

Some redirects used by site owners on a regular basis are:

  • 301 Permanent redirect
  • 307 Temporary redirect
  • 302 Found

Some that dont redirect but are useful on a daily basis are:

  • 451 Content unavailable for legal reasons
  • 410 Content deleted

301 Permanent redirect

It is one of the most important types of redirect used for seo services to indicate if the page is deleted or removed from its original position. This helps search engine robot to know about the current location or status of the web page. If you fail to implement this redirect correctly in your site, then the visitors and the crawl bots will see an error message (404). This damages the reputation and ranking of the website. This redirect takes visitors to the new URL instead of the old one and therefore, you need to be sure not to use the old URL again else use a temporary redirect.

302 Found

It is used by the most providers of seo services in India to create a temporary redirect and the code indicates that the page has been found but is present in another location. If you want to use the old URL again in future, then using this code is a good idea. Being a temporary redirect, the link value is not passed along and it is possible to restore the URL with the link value still intact. Avoid using this code if you are moving the website to a new domain or making some major changes in the web page.
307 temporary redirect

Some seo companies in Kolkata use this redirect that last for some time or are temporary. With the arrival of HTTP1.1.307, it is has turned into a valid temporary redirect. This code states that the URL requested is moved to another location for the time-being and will be available soon. Using this code is a good idea when you are sure of using the original URL again.

Useful HTTP codes that are not really redirect

There are two codes that are really not redirects but are still relevant for maintenance of your site on daily basis. These are:

410 content deleted

404 error pages are one of the biggest problems on websites, you are bound to find a few if you look at readouts in Google search console. These pages create confusion in visitors and Google does not take these as a sign of bad maintenance. Therefore, you need to fix these pages as soon as possible on your site.

Top seo company India uses 301 to redirect the page to a homepage or any other relevant page can fix the problem. You can also use 410 to convey the message to search engines that the page has been deleted.

451 content unavailable for legal reasons

If you are ordered by a judge or receive a notice to take down a page from the website, you need to give a 451 header on that particular page. This tells search engines that you wanted to fulfill the request made but are unable to do so due to legal reasons.

REGEX redirects

You can use REGEX (Regular Expressions) redirect to move a bunch of the entire group of URLs to a new location with the keyword. This should be used by professionals or some seo services providers who have complete knowledge of SEO as it can break your website if not performed properly.

Working with redirects

Most SEO experts work with redirects on a daily basis. In this blog, we have explained the different options present to redirect web pages and how to use these redirects in various situations. However, you need to be careful before choosing any particular type of redirect. For example, using a 302 to redirect will not be beneficial for the site if you are moving to a new domain.

It is important to choose the type of redirect for any situation, as selecting the wrong one might create a serious problem in your website.

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