SEO Tactics on How to Increase Site-Traffic

Tactics of SEO Company to Increase Site-Traffic

Are you all set to increase your search traffic? Well, nothing can guarantee to boost site-traffic overnight. All you need is consistent effort and being ethical whilst working with the methods. How to get more traffic to website concerns most marketers across the world. Once your web pages rank high in Google, you start gaining revenue with more clicks and conversions. 80% of website traffic begins with search query and as such, SEO is as important as other aspects of website. Here is a list of some techniques of SEO Company to boost search traffic and ranking.

  1. Audit your site framework: Auditing a site framework allows you to understand what works and what does not for getting enough traffic. Ask your local SEO Services provider to look more into how to do an SEO site audit. Analyse your site performance, i.e., whether your site is loading quickly, information on your pages is accessible without scrolling effort.

content assessment for seo services

  • Step I: Content assessment: As a first part of website audit, focus on your content. From landing pages to blog-posts, to any other web content, evaluate all of them with respect to content optimization scope. Best SEO Company in India always give huge importance in this point.
  • High quality: Assess content with respect to quality and audience specific searches. Find the facts like:
  • Did the information leave people satisfied?
  • Do all the resources used relevant to your topic?
  • Have you figured out what to do next?
  • Search engine optimized: All your web pages should follow On-page SEO practices. Top SEO Company Experts advise to audit your content that include:
  • Consulting analytics to know how keywords are performing.
  • Assess the performance of factoring keywords into your content marketing strategy.
  • Find the relevancy of content you add to your website with respect to chosen keywords.
  • Assess all on-page SEO elements like URLs, Meta description, page titles, Meta description and add relevant keywords.
  • Optimized content for lead generation and conversion: Search engine optimized content boosts website traffic. Marketing offers, call-to-action and landing pages help improve performance of your website. Such efforts capture visitors attention and keep them engaged to your brand and content.
  • Maximum usability: Determine overall efficiency of your site. Your web design should be according to your visitors expectations. The design and navigability of your website should correspond with visitors thus, improving conversion rate.

technical assessment for seo services

  • Step II: Technical assessment: Technical assessment requires hiring a developer from IT department.


  • Responsive website design:Responsive webdesign for seo services
  • how to design responsive websites, a mobile-friendly website will enable users access your site without hindrance.
  • Ask users to fill-out the forms and minimize fields as typing much with Smartphone make users irritated.
  • Prefixed options are better whilst scrolling through the form.
  • Do not hide your content behind multiple clicks.
  • Create content and contact options (calling, mailing) directly from small screen. These will help you to achieve higher SERP with the help of best seo services in India.
  • Error message free: Error message 404-, 302- and 500-level response tells users about something wrong on your website.
  • Optimized URL: In some cases, it becomes difficult for search engines to index which results into lower click-through-rate from search results. URL should be optimized with style keywords (describes the used pages) and have its own anchor text in website content like videos, blogs and articles.
  • Do not put too much Flash and JavaScript: Find areas that have navigation based on JavaScript or Flash. Search engines find it difficult to read and access sites having more flash and JavaScript based content and structure.
  • Optimized site structure: The right site structure helps easier content access and its usability to help seo services too. This helps optimizing your site for search engines. Try to link pages of your site internally; it will index your page on the top of search results.
  • Overall performance: Page loading time of the site could be impacted, when images are too large and CSS and HTML needs to be cleaned up. Fast-loading and optimized pages make it possible to engage more visitors and boost conversions.
  • Robots files or tags: Robots Meta tags utilizes a page specific approach to control how an individual page should get indexed in search engine result pages (SERPs). Well, robot.txt file allows you to specify some sections for the crawlers with instructions or directives and help crawlers to find what section should be and not be crawled.
  • XML site maps: A website should have public or XML Sitemap files. People can access public sitemap of your website to review pages, just as index of a book. Usually, the location of sitemap.xml file is   It allows Google and other search engines to crawl and index your site. If your sitemap dynamically update your web pages, it ensures that your page will be found across search results.
  • Canonicalization of content: Choose canonical or preferred URL according to preferred version of page and minimise duplicate content issue. Indicate your preference to Google in several ways and with canonical tag in HTTP header of page. Top SEO Companies in Indiaalways check whether canonical tag is properly implemented for the correct page.
  1. Data research according to end user value:Google develops data from target users and address users’ queries. Hence, work on relevant keywords to get more user data and find how people search on Google.
  • Step I: Find your goal with data research: With millions of raw data, decide what you want from them. There are three ways to get desired information from data, i.e., reporting, optimizing and predicting as per seo services India.
  • With reporting, you get report on daily basis.
  • Day-by-Day automatic report generation needs to be set according to company goals.
  • Identify how things are going on and what changes are needed further.
  • Identify the objective behind the changes you want for your website or app and optimize overall process.
  • 95% of time your site should go for usability testing, funnel analysis, user interviews, segmenting, etc.
  • Data predicting tells about future based on historical data.
  • Statistical methods to get more accurate data.
  • Step II: Look for data infrastructure: Google analytics helps recognize the patterns in huge data with important variables like sales, buyers of certain products or top customers.Find the approach below-
  • Collect data from all relevant resources.
  • Store data that has processing power and not limited in terms of storage capacity.
  • Analyse which variable is most effective and which event describes customer journey.
  • Make a predictive model to find which visitor profile is matching your collected variable of data.
  • Find whether you need other tools like SiteCatalyst, WebTrends etc.
  • Step III: Interact with users: This could be a part of your researches and must meet 2 types of users:
  • Active users, who are using your product on regular basis.
  • Potential users, who are not using or haven heard about your services
  • Step IX: Set up a funnel: The funnel may look like other e-commerce business models:
  • Visitors see your ads
  • Visitor’s landing on your page
  • Go through product list
  • Visit page of a particular product or service, for detailed information.
  • Place one or more products into the basket
  • Final check out
  • Payment
  • Step V: Select a segment: Utilize your analytics tool and discover different segments. You can segment visitors by infinite dimensions and break down based on the following:
  • Current position of visitors
  • Device type used by the visitors
  • Step VI: Find important topics to research: If you think from customer’s viewpoint, several words or phrases may come to your mind when searching on Google. See these steps to understand better:
  • Go to a blogging site
  • Analyse your given phrase with search results and click on the link that have relevant headline with most number of views.
  • Ideas for your SEO content.
  • Generate long-tail keywords that people search on Google.
  • Google planner for useful keywords or search terms.
  1. Optimize your landing page:An optimized page with good structure and design can improve sales and lead generation. Experts suggest making pages clickable with quality link-building, using long-tail keywords for landing pages.
  • Step I: Optimization of your landing page theme

First of all, your landing page theme should be set in coordination to your website. You can strengthen your brand by:

  • Selecting background colour and colour palette
  • Uploading company logo
  • Choosing image for landing page
  • Step II: Optimization of landing page content

Prepare content for your landing page that focus on the benefits you offer. The motive of content optimization is to attract users for availing your services. For this, you should:

  • Write a strong and catchy headline to attract users
  • Use relevant keywords in the text and headlines
  • Create concise content for your landing page
  • Step III: Optimization of landing page form

Optimizing your landing page form helps generate more conversions for your website. Use landing page builder for creating a fully customized page (header to footer). Follow these steps recommended by a seo company in India:

  • Select the fields to be included: Include standard and custom fields as per your requirement. However, avoid unnecessary fields as they give lead information and reduce conversion rates as visitors refuse to fill up lengthy forms.
  • Create a call to action button: Write a catchy call to action line for the button that informs users what they will get on completing the form.
  • Develop a thank you page: Design a thank you page that will appear when your user clicks the button.
  • Step IV: Optimization of landing page settings

For this, you should include:

  • Landing page URL
  • Analytics code and scripts
  • Footer of your landing page with inclusion of desired links.
  1. Make your site responsive: 

    Increase site traffic by targeting mobile users. Besides increased searches on mobile devices, Google initiative to penalize non-mobile-friendly sites raised the importance of responsive and mobile friendly web design.

Step I: Make responsive website
Responsive design responds irrespective of device configuration and adjusts according to users need. The design covers almost entire spectrum of display.

Some features include:

Less maintenance

SEO authority will not get diluted with only one website URL

Better user experience

Layout ensures optimal conversion

Performance track will be centralized and easy to manage

Step II: Include viewport Meta tag: The viewport Meta tag is used by the browser rendering engine that provide marked up content (HTML, XML, image file etc.) and formatting information such as XLS, CSS etc.

Step III: Font size and button sizes: Font and button size should be at least 14. This may not let your website visitors zoom in your content.

Step IV: Use high-resolution images: High-resolution website is important to ensure better user experience which prevents having blurry images when viewed on a retina-quality screen.

Step V: Use You tube videos: Use of videos on your website makes it difficult to watch, when viewing on mobile devices. Embedding code on YouTube videos, make it responsive.

Step VI: Remove default zoom: Auto-zoom can mess up your layout and represent website as too large or too small. Use Viewport Meta Tag to set up custom variables within the content.


  1. Apply Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI): 

    Let us discuss about LSI and how to implement it in your content.

Find LSI: Try to incorporate LSI keywords that have same meaning as the main keyword used in your content. However, their structure and spelling is different from one another.

  • Avoid over-optimizing: Use LSI only when necessary and ensure that it blends with the content naturally. To avoid getting your website penalized, try not to over optimize this technique in your content.
  • Advantage of using LSI: Do not reverse main keywords you want to rank. The LSI phases give additional advantage to your content by helping Google to understand the topic you have written.
  1. Put more emphasis on infographics:Everyone likes visual graphics and infographics as they are digital extension of representing information through visuals.
  • How to present data using infographics: When you use detailed images in an infographics, your audience memorize the data more accurately. It also helps in processing complex data easily.
  • Determine your purpose and audience: Knowing the audience will help you direct and determine the goal of your infographics. Thus, you can customize the CTAs accordingly.
  • How to create engaging content: Your content should dream up a challenge and offer takeaways for the audience. It should also include reports on latest trends and visual elements.
  • Review your site content or structure: Images should be of optimum quality and include separate sections for introduction, home page, online enquiry form, contact details, product or services pages and others.
  • Write user-friendly content: Your content should be easily understandable by the readers so that even non-technical people can read it.
  • Explore the concept of your content: Content should be written with creative ideas. It should be successful in targeting and providing values to the audience.
  • Right infographic tools: Use the right tools to make infographics so that they can amplify the content. Many tools, like Canva, Venngage, Infogram and others help in this aspect.
  • How to choose the right visual content for your infographic: Any powerful infographic has three core parts, namely visual, content and knowledge. Take care of the skeleton and the flow chart, apart from devising colour scheme.
  1. Keep an eye on your competitors: 

    Knowing your competitors is a smart move for your business. In this virtual world where the tasks are mandated in high speed, missing out on one post or trend can give your opponent a leading edge.

Identify your competitors: Before knowing your competitors, consider two parameters such as page and domain authority.

  • Check their mentions: Keep a track of the keywords used in content, access and discover their back links.
  • Pay attention to organic traffic: Keep a check on these pages with various tools available online.
  • Spy on t Pay per Click: This gives better insight on what they are doing and paying money for.
  • Spy on competitors back links: This will help adapt and find new ideas to create own back links.
  • Identify their popular posts: Buzzmo is a tool to identify the most popular posts in their web page.
  • Follow your competition on social media: Connect with customers and create your base with the followers.activity on social media platform 8. Be active on authoritative social platform

You can increase traffic, reach more customers and boost your ranking through social platforms.

Step 1: Search for a trending topic: Choose a topic that tells what’s trending on social media and create a relevant presentation.

Step 11: Use outlines: Know how to create an outline for a presentation and prepare different slides based on them.

Step 111: Find relevant images: To make your slideshare more attractive and informative, find images for presentations from Google images.

Step 1v: Study a successful presentation: Talk to SEO experts about how to study a presentation successfully to increase web traffic and organic rankings.

Step v: Create slideshare presentation: Gather all information you have on how to create a slideshare presentation, design a slideshare linking it with your landing page.

  1. Internal link building:

Quality content is very important like it is to optimize it. There are
3 types of links, which are -inbound, internal and external links.

  • Work with internal link building to help search engines find your page. It connects your blog to another one on your site.
  • Internal links allow you to create authority and tell search engines about the pages, which require more attention in seo services.

How do I find my competitors keywordsis the most search phrase to make content over optimized. Your competitors are already taking this smart move, then why are you lagging behind?

Various sites like SEMrush point out competitors live keywords. It is important to analyse referring site though anchor text and learn how to do internal links in website for better navigation accessibility across on-site.

Written by SDSEO

CEO at S.D.SEO Services- Leading Digital Marketing Company in Kolkata, India.

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