5 Important Tips to boost your CTR with SEO Services!

5 Important Tips to boost your CTR with SEO Services!

There are some important basic points of seo services which can increase your CTR (Click through rate) to a good % to gain a nice result from your website. Here I am going to discuss those 5 points to increase CTR with seo services India.

  1. SERP Ranking:

SERP ranking takes a great role in increasing CTR as most of the people visitors visit 1st page of search results. 80% of them stay connected within first 1-5 results of first page. So most of the visitors, click these websites who are within 1-5 positions in 1st page. As per CTR study, more than 80 % visitors click goes to first four positions on SERP. So target should be such that you have to be within 1-5 ranks of first page to have great visibility & brand reputation also. So ultimately, it helps to increase your CTR & traffic to achieve a good result. So best seo company in India give top priority in seo ranking first.

  1. Title:

Title tag is the title of the web page. It appears a link on SERP result. Title tag has a power to attract visitors so that they will click that page or not. So as per best seo services provider in Kolkata, take some time to make catchy title tag to get enough CTR for your website.

Tips for creating Title Tags as per Top seo company:

  • Title tag should contain target keyword in the front part of title tag. It should be like that it can draw visitors attentions & also helps for ranking also.
  • Title tag should be within 60 words to avoid truncation by Google.
  • Title tag must contain search query.
  • It should be emotional & creates curiosity to click on that.


  1. Meta Description:

It helps users to understand what the page all about is. It does not help to rank directly but it has enough power to influence the visitors to decision whether they will click this page or not.

Tips from top seo company in India:

  • It must contain target keywords to match users query.
  • Length should be within 160 words to avoid truncation in SERP.
  • You can include promotional offers as a call to action within it.

4. Web page URL:

As per top seo companies in India, proper page URL can provide better result in SERP. Web masters can adjust URLs with the help of Rich Snippet Markup. Breadcrumb is used for better navigation which helps in better ranking.

5. Rich Snippets:

It helps to increase your CTR as well as ranking in SERP. All major search engines support Schema.org, which provides schema, i.e. HTML tags that are used by web masters to markup their pages. Adding markup snippets helps in ranking & also to increase CTR. It helps to identify search engines the elements of the pages & also to display them. You can use Product/ service review, Pricing along with breadcrumb to increase viewers attention, which helps in increasing CTR.

So it is clear that you have to attend your SEObasics first as discussed above. It helps in increasing CTR of your website, as recommended by professional SEOservices provider in kolkata.

Written by SDSEO

CEO at S.D.SEO Services- Leading Digital Marketing Company in Kolkata, India.

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